Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus


You are in doubt about which antivirus to use on your computer, free or paid? Let’s see the best options to protect your computer with antivirus.


Free Antivirus

You will incur no cost with this kind of software, yet it will protect your system and your data, although not exercise the same protection than a paid one.Today free antivirus have more effective tools than in older versions.Free antiviruses are lighter and consume few resources of the machine.

Paid Antivirus

Usually, paid antiviruses have the best features and tools for protection.Most paid security software is almost always automatic and require more updates, which is good, because then the database will always be updated leaving your computer more secure.According to surveys, paid antivirus, protect the most compared to free.Unfortunately, no antivirus, shall protect you 100% from all invasions, theft of passwords and data, because every minute a new threat is launched t on the web.


Why buy an antivirus?

There are many questions on the internet about what is the best antivirus to protect your computer. Added to this is the question of pay or not for such a service. The option of choosing the type of antivirus depends on the user. The differences between paid and free programs go beyond the price, support and other features make the service to be completely paid. Even so, do not leave your computer unprotected.

Paid software can add technical support, faster and constant updates, more effective scan, wider range of resources to kill the malware that probe your PC. Remember that the free version of an antivirus help in popularizing the brand, and assist in attracting new malicious files, viruses and thus update the users who pay for the service.

How updated is your operating system and security software? Is your PC up to date? These questions are important to know whether you should buy an antivirus. Hence it is good to pay for a program that protects your computer if the operating system is not original. Watch out for it!

Anti-Virus and Internet Security

Theoretically Internet Security is more complete than the antivirus and in practice too. Antivirus blocks viruses and spyware as Internet security can perform risk programs with more security; you can block hackers and crackers attacks, fraud and phishing blocks, blocks spam and protects your personal data safely. If you are very active Internet user, you will have to use paid protection software. With a good antivirus and system optimizer PCMatic, your computer will run well.

If you prefer full antivirus tools, and email protection, then you better purchasing one. Perhaps the most complete antivirus resources are the Kaspersky .